Key Project

Sold! Keys 25 – 34


Back in March I participated in a lovely show and sale of upcycled furniture and other artifacts called Remix.   This was a great experience where I not only met many fabulous people I was also fortunate to get some publicity on local TV and radio.

first show
Remix Show and Sale

It’s also the place where I sold my first 8 keys.

Here’s a few pictures:

Keys 25, 26, 27
Key 28


Key 29
Key 30


Key 31


Key 32
Key 32 one side
key 32 other side


Shortly after that I donated a key to a fundraiser for the Hope Cancer Centre:

Key 33

And then on that fateful “I’m going to make 5000 keys” vow-filled day in April I blurted out my angry story to one of the owners of the auction house where I sometimes get key-making supplies… The woman was very nice and gave me a huge discount on my purchase. I offered to give her a key as a thank you and she bought one for her daughter instead. Didn’t even bat an eye at the price. Just took a look at it and said – you’ll do well, these will sell – then she got some $ from the til and bought a key.

Here’s some pictures of that key:

Key 34 one side
Key 34 other side

I am ever grateful to that owner for her generosity and kind words!

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