Key Project

Stay the Curious Course

Lately I walk each morning to clear my head and wake up. I like to admire all the beautiful flowers and trees and just generally look around before clogging myself up with work and obligations. I work in the arts and culture field and sometimes the lack of value placed on that field gets defeating. As I pondered a recent survey where citizens called for more spending on just about everything except arts and culture (they want less spending there) defeat crept in. Seconds later I found this cool thing in the alley:

cool thing
cool thing

People will always want more policing and better roads. Many people will look at me like I’m weird and won’t get what I’m doing. Even though I’m making 5000 keys the encouragement about how the keys could be jewelry will most likely continue.

I’m taking this cool thing as a sign, a gift, a reminder:

Stay the curious course.

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