Key Project

Dremel Tool Courage (Key 295)

A few years ago I used my air miles to get a Dremel tool. Yes, it has taken me until this summer to finally put it to use. It was actually pretty easy. In hindsight I don’t know what my hesitation was (isn’t that often the way once the unknown becomes known). It might not have been quite so easy without the generosity of people who post how-to videos on You Tube. Here’s a picture of the lovely Dremel 4000:

dremel toolAnd here’s a key that I added many layers of resin to; a key that I had too many unsightly drips on it:

IMG_1146The end of the key is a cool thing that I found on the ground one day that reminded me to: Stay the Curious Course

The shaft of the key is actually a metal stem from a plastic cup and the other end of the key is made from two earrings.

I really am working to be neater with the resin and some days I’m successful, and some days I’m just not (I’ve decided that the keys with drips on them have more character and represent a personality that has lived a bigger life because, really, I’ll never be one of those polished people with perfect makeup, hair, and clothes so how do I think I will create polished and perfect keys? but I’m digressing…).

I used the Dremel 4000 to sand off the drips:


It worked pretty well.  Then I applied another layer of resin to shine it up again (the sanding made the resin cloudy). But I didn’t mix the resin precisely enough so it wouldn’t quite cure so I had to add yet another (this time properly mixed) layer of resin.

Here’s the finished key:

one side key 295
one side key 295
other side key 295
other side key 295










I’m happy with how it turned out (even if I did take off a bit of the metal shaft with the Dremel – oh well, more personality).


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