Key Project

Key 2 – back in the studio

I made this key back in late 2012 and it went out on consignment to a small art gallery in 2013. Recently the gallery had a change in ownership and moved to a new location. Even though I should have contacted them in 2014 – after my contract was up – I didn’t. Was I hoping that the work would somehow miraculously sell from the gallery storage room? Not really. Was I happy to have some of my art outside of my home’s storage space? You bet!

Finally a few weeks ago I took the plunge, wrote to the gallery, and made arrangements to pick up the work.

My husband collected everything for me this morning (yes, he’s a great guy and I’m blessed that we found each other) and something rather amazing happened. While the former gallery owner was packing the pieces up, he put them out on his desk at his new job in a learning centre and somebody bought some of the pieces! So, not only did my husband come home with my artwork he brought an envelope of cash too. Yes!

I’m very happy to have Key 2 back in my possession now that I’ve started my 5000 keys project. I will cover it in resin to make it pretty (and to make it stronger) and just keep it in my ever growing pile of “these keys are keeper keys”.

Key 2 only side
Key 2 only side

Key 2 is is about a foot long (the other keys I’ve been making lately are around half a foot long). It’s made from a rod from my dining room light fixture, a very very rusty washer that my husband most likely found, three metal curtain rings (I remember having a great deal of difficulty in removing the little clips that were attached to these rings), a chain, a little green star – also from the road, a small lock and key (the key is hidden in plain sight on the ring right next to the lock), a brass thumbtack, a brass nut, one gold earring bit, one shiny jewel from a necklace that I got from a garage sale from a really great family who moved away (sigh), and a really weird piece of metal on the end that I’m pretty sure I found on the road while riding my bike about two blocks from my house.

In case you’re interested…here’s a few pictures of the “Doorway” sculpture that sold at the last minute this morning:

bearing detail

bearing 7

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