Key Project

Key 500: of Memory and Milestone

Key 500 – made with precious things – a small (only about 150 of these left) terminal for the body of the piece; the blade is made with the focal point of a necklace that my first born blessing gave me + a sparkly crystal from a brass flower – a piece that fit the terminal perfectly; the bow is made with a key ring that my dad gave me as a teenager shortly before he moved out – I used that key ring for decades and was often asked if I had a Swiss deposit box (I didn’t); there is a little sparkly silver heart that my beloved husband found for me on the one side and a magical blue piece of jewelry on the other side that shifts colour when it’s moved. When I was younger I had aspirations to be a theatre director and bought myself a piece of jewelry each time I had a paid directing gig; the empty ring on the other side is from one such gig. Read into the symbolism what you will.

Today I have a magical looking key filled with memories of significance. And I’ve reached 500 keys – only 10 times more to go!


Key 500 one side
Key 500 one side
Key 500 other side
Key 500 other side

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