Side Projects

(in)Side Effects

I knew that a phone cam made it easier to peek into the infinity boxes ; I had no idea when I made the boxes how much people would embrace this – I assumed they’d just look with their eyes. Unwittingly I’ve created a 21st Century interactive experience. On Friday I received the most lovely email of photos describing the tiny phone cam lens as a “periscope offering thousands of perspectives”.

It’s so easy for me to get stuck in a negative and narrow view; one of the reasons I wanted to share Infinite Spaces is because my mind can’t quite grasp the concept that the possibilities in life are infinite. Maybe if I proclaim this truth I can truly know it.

I feel blessed to have my work reflected back to me in a way that makes me see new things. Thank you R. for your kind words and the beautiful, detailed photos. I never imagined the work would touch people this way. What a gift you have given me.

Here are those lovely pictures:

FullSizeRender z int 2 int 3 int 4 int 5 int 8 int 9 int 10

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