Key Project

Keys 714 – 717 and some found objects

A few days ago I returned from a 2 week trip to the UK. This was a very special trip where my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Just before we went abroad I finished keys 714 and 715.

Key 714

Key 715
Key 715

While in Belfast I came across the wonderful, independently owned and operated CraftWorld store. This store sold paper quilling supplies! Supplies that are not to be found in my hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan anywhere other than the internet.  Naturally…Keys 716 and 717 followed.

Key 716
Key 716
Key 717
Key 717

This anniversary trip was truly a trip of a lifetime. We saw and experienced many wonderful places and moments. We also (well, mostly my husband) found a lot of cool things on the streets of London, Bristol, Dublin, Belfast, and Edinburgh. I’m happy to be home. Happy to be with my great partner. And looking forward to making more keys.



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