Key Project

Embossed Vellum: Keys 924 – 929

Two paragraphs that are different but not unrelated:

Tonight was my last yoga class of the season. I take this class through my community association, I really enjoy the class and the inspiration from the nice yoga teacher who says things like: be kind to yourself, and: if you fall out of a pose that’s a good sign (it means you’re adjusting/working/learning).

I used to draw regularly in my 20’s, today I consider my skills in this area more corroded than rusted; nevertheless – I still enjoy the experience. This group of embossed vellum keys was relaxing to create and quick to complete. The vellum can be brittle though; sadly I managed to crack a hole through the paper in several of these keys.

I’m going to view those cracks as a good sign – a breakthrough (haha) if you will, that means I’m adjusting/working/learning.

Remember: be kind to yourself.

Key 924
Key 925
Key 926
Key 927
Key 928
Key 929

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