Key Project

Paperclay: Keys 936 – 941

…and the paper key making continues…Keys 936 – 941 are made out of store bought paperclay. I had made my own paperclay for my first three keys using this medium. I kept it in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge where it lasted for several weeks. Unfortunately I got distracted into Christmas and cook-keys among other things and my lovely paperclay went moldy. I had a package of unopened paperclay amongst my vast (and I mean v-a-s-t) array of art and craft supplies so I decided to use that instead of making more. It is a much finer paperclay then the stuff I made. And, miracle of miracle, I managed to stretch the clay far enough to make all of the keys left in this set.

Key 936
Key 937
Key 938
Key 939
Key 940
Key 941


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