Key Project

Pop-Up Cards: Keys 942 – 947

As I work my way through this series of paper keys I am very grateful that my technique has improved (albeit slightly) from the template 1 keys to the template 10 keys. I used double-sided tape for this latest batch of pop-up card keys. That’s made for a neater finish and more control putting the card together. Key 943 was challenging (the first one I made was so mangled I abandoned it and started again). I’m not really sure why it was so difficult as the shape of this key is pretty simple. I had a bit of a think and another look at my pop-up card reference book before tackling Key 944. Glad I changed my pop-up style – I like the way it turned out.

Key 942 (from template 5)
Key 943 (from template 6)
Key 944 (from template 7)
Key 945 (from template 8)
Key 946 (from template 9)








Key 947 (from template 10)



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