Key Project

Terraskin Impressions: Keys 948 – 951

I love this creamy terraskin paper! It’s made with ground stone and resin and is “cradle to cradle” certified (i.e. no water, trees, or bleach are used to produce it). It feels kind of like a smooth clay and has no grain. Manufacturers claim it’s tear proof (because there is no grain) but trust me, if you press an object deeply into it enough times it will tear. But mostly if you press an object into it the shape of that object will leave an impression. I think these key impressions are pretty cool under dramatic lighting. It would be interesting to do a portrait of a person this way…but that would be another project altogether!

Key 948 from template 5
Key 949 from template 6
Key 950 from template 7
Key 951 from template 8
Key 952 from template 9
Key 953 from template 10



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