Key Project

Ten Keys Ten Ways – That’s 100 Keys! – All made from Paper

I’d been thinking of making Ten Keys Ten Ways out of paper for a long time…and then in November of 2016 I began a process that took a surprisingly large amount of time.  Initially I made ten templates of keys and began working through my chosen paper styles:

  • paperquilling (standard quilling paper)
  • paperquilling (hand cut or “fat” quilling paper)
  • paper mache
  • embossed vellum
  • paper sculpture
  • paper clay
  • pop-up cards
  • terraskin paper impressions
  • paper collage
  • glitter

I did experience some “learnings” while working through the initial keys (especially as the first few templates I used were complicated – nothing like setting the frustration bar high). My brain became more engaged with the design of each key as I worked through it. By the time I finished creating from template four I decided it would make more sense to work through one medium at a time (instead of one template at a time). It’s fair to say that my paper medium techniques improved by using this 10X challenge. It’s also fair to say that this task seemed overwhelming. But hey, I did it!

I thought I’d get a picture of all the keys from this series but there were too many – too many for the table, the extra table – and too many for one picture. So here they are, batched by medium:

Key Templates


Paperquilling Keys


Fat Paperquilling Keys


Paper Mache Keys


Embossed Vellum Keys


Paper Sculpture Keys


Paperclay Keys


Pop-up Card Keys


Terraskin Impression Keys


Paper Collage Keys


Glitter Keys



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