Key Project

Yes I think maybe I am a “Maker” (Computer Parts: Keys 969 – 972)

Prologue: I’ve been hanging onto my son’s old computer for a year or two; in my mind I had grand plans to turn it into an infinity box. That grand plan is still waiting…but what fun (and what a mess of dust and grime) opening it up and taking it apart!

Blog: Some days I wonder what I’m doing with my life and why I don’t really quite fit in anywhere.

A few weeks ago I went to an open house/film screening/panel discussion at the library about makerspaces and the makersmovement. I really enjoyed the evening and felt that maybe, just maybe, I’d stumbled onto “my people” (even though I’m not very good with tech and have little interest in electronics and computers). I got home and walked by the spare table I’d set up to hold the pieces of the torn apart computer…and the thought became rooted: “I am a Maker”.

Here are the computer parts key creations:

Key 969 one side

I’m not really a fan of plastic for the keys but I do like the way the computer fan looks!

Key 969 other side
Key 970 one side

The end piece on Key 970 is from the disc drive. I like the little lens that’s visible on the one side.

Key 970 other side









Key 971 one side

Another piece of disc drive at the end of this key. The rectangular metal at the top held the orange fan that I used in Key 969.

Key 971 other side
Key 972 one side

Key 972 is a cupboard door handle with computer parts on either end.

Key 972 other side

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