Key Project

Busted Glass: Key 976

One Saturday in March I happened by The Local Kitchen just as the owners were sweeping up the remains of their front door.  After talking with Bailey Wilmot about the business (commercial kitchen and/or cool venue rental) I asked if I could have the shattered glass. I was so impressed with Ms. Wilmot’s composure and how generous she was in speaking with me. It was very good of her to honour what, I’m sure, was a weird request at a trying time.

My intent was always to make a key for The Local Kitchen using their  broken glass. Recently a friend had given me a bag of keys and lock tumblers, I added the tumblers in amongst the glass. Turned out pretty good I think. It was very satisfying to drop it off at The Local Kitchen and I’m very grateful that I created something that is appreciated and meaningful to Ms. Wilmot. Here are some pictures of Key 976:

#5000keys #art_project #yxearts #upcycled #makersmovement

Note the smiling face at the end of the key that my friend pointed out.



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