Key Project

Iris: Key 1017 – 1019 from Ten Keys Ten Ways: Flower Series





My grandma was filled with creativity and treated me with love and gentleness. The irises in my front yard come from my grandma via my mom. Not only are they doing very nicely, they are also the basis for this next set in my flower series of Ten Keys Ten Ways.


Key 1017

Key 1017 is a pressed flower made from my grandmother’s irises and some mint from my garden.

Key 1018 is a “print” made by smashing the flower and leaves with a soft mallet and then outlining the results with an ink pen.

Key 1018

Key 1019 contains the resined remains of the smashed bits from Key 1018.

Key 1019

Thanks for stopping by – I will be posting the rest of the Iris keys in the next few days.




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