Key Project

Honeysuckle: Keys 1029 – 1040

There is some lovely honeysuckle growing in one of the planters in the parking lot where I work…

Parking Lot Honeysuckle

Of course this became key fodder and version #3 in my Ten Keys Ten Ways Flower Series…I start off each series by making several similar flower keys and then do various things with them (pressing, smashing, painting, drying, printing…) to create ten different keys based on the same design. I got a bit carried away with the honeysuckle and actually made 12 keys from this design.

Key 1029 is pressed flowers – it’s amazing to me how vibrant the colours are!

Key 1029

Key 1030 is a smashed flower key coated in resin.

Key 1030

Key 1031 is a print made from the juice of the Key 1030 as I hammered it with a mallet…

Key 1031

Key 1032 is a print made with metallic paint (I painted the key and then printed it onto the paper).

Key 1032

Key 1033 is the dried bits of metallic paint-covered key coated in resin.

Key 1033

Key 1034 is the negative image of a honeysuckle key.

Key 1034

Key 1035 is another negative image of a honeysuckle key – I can’t remember why I did this twice – in the end I was happy enough with both of these versions so I kept them in the key count!

Key 1035

Key 1036 is the dried painted bits from making the negative prints (Keys 1034 and 1035) – similar to Key 1033 but not identical (this key is covered in orange paint while Key 1033 has orange and green paint).

Key 1036

Key 1037 is made with air dry clay; the key is pressed into it, covered in paint, and then the paint is wiped away (so it mostly remains in the grooves). Once that’s dry the entire key is coated in resin.

Key 1037

Key 1038 is a print made with alcohol ink.

Key 1038

Key 1039 is a honeysuckle key dried in silicone and then coated in resin (OK, it’s really dried in silicone kitty litter – but it works just as well as the flower drying silicone and it is much cheaper and easier to find).

Key 1039

Key 1040 is a plaster cast of the honeysuckle key. I ended up with a blob of orange that I couldn’t get rid of but for the most part I’m content with this casting. I’ve been really overworking the plaster casts and have thrown out far more casts then I have kept. I tried a few more times to use natural clay but it just doesn’t work as well as my home made plasticine. I’ve also had little luck when painting the casts so am going to walk away from any more paint finish attempts on future castings.

Key 1040




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