Studio Tour! with More Text than my usual posts and Lots of Pictures

Finally I am finished cleaning, sorting, and re-arranging my studio! The room has been getting more functional since I began this 5000 key making journey BUT…I often couldn’t find things I knew I had only to discover them again after buying replacements. I seriously thought about hiring a local designer for a how best to set up your studio consultation. I was thinking about getting this advice when my portable shelving collapsed under the weight of my key making supplies…

Here are some “before” pictures of my studio:

Before #1
Before #2
Resin Station Before
Workstation before

Notice the light green portable shelving folded against the dresser in the Before #1 photo and notice the chair, shelving, and baker’s rack (OK, I know you can’t see them very clearly) in the Before #2 photo. Also in the Before #2 and the Workstation Before photos are bins of supplies on the floor (next to the chair at my work table). Perhaps it was good exercise to climb over them every day?

Initially I started this project by sorting through everything in the big brown cabinet (shown in Before #1). This proved to be:

  1. overwhelming
  2. impossible
  3. a test of my decision making abilities (throw away? give away? keep?)
  4. an exercise in finding lots (and lots) of rolls of tape

I did manage to wipe the dust off of everything and gather all the tape together in one place. And I decided to give away my stapler and box of staples because I don’t think I have ever used them in 26 years of living in this house.

Eventually I started moving everything out of the room with every intention of painting the walls and replacing the gone-for-four-years-now seepage damaged baseboards…I didn’t replace the baseboards (a project for another day – or maybe never) but I did paint the walls:

I used my very favourite Halo Blue Gold Lumiere acrylic paint. Years ago I had covered the walls with a pale yellow Venetian plaster so I knew the texture in the walls would show up with a light glazing. I had great fun dipping a sea sponge into the watered down paint and covering the walls. I also stepped on the bucket of paint and spilled most of it all over the floor, my foot, my sandal, and up the side of my leg. I used my drop cloth to mop up the mess and then used the paint-soaked drop cloth to coat the walls. This is why the very first wall I painted is much darker than the last wall.

Years ago I “tie-dyed” my apartment walls with watercolour paint much to my landlord’s chagrin. And I painted and re-painted the walls of our house repeatedly as my children grew up (much to their chagrin). My husband gave me his stamp of approval on this latest paint job and even though I thought my expressive wall painting days were behind me remarked: “you’ve always done this”.

It feels good to be in a space painted in a style that’s really me.

I removed the baker’s rack (looks great in my backyard), two shelves, one comfy chair, a sewing machine stand, a big garbage-sized bag of recycling, two big bags of garbage, and two big bags and three small boxes of give away items.

I bought two metal racks from Costco (I started with one and it worked so well I went back for another) and also two sets of curtains from Home Sense. I used paint and other materials that I already had. All in all I spent about $450 on the project (one of the sets of curtains was pricey ) but I am very happy with the results. And really, a total remodel for under $500 – pretty good I think!

Here’s a tour of the finished project:

View from the main workstation


another view from the main workstation
Bins of Supplies on Costco shelving that holds 800 lbs per shelf
Curtains to hide shelving and supplies. I like the “theatrical” look of the curtains and I’m very happy with the linen curtain (even if it was expensive and is in need of ironing). Dresser from my grandpa.












new curtains made from tea towels and a lovely scarf from Russia
Portable shelving now used for keys in progress
the big brown cupboard – some things made their way back inside (like the 50 rolls of tape I found); but mostly this is future key storage
Main workstation











A closer look at the main workstation
some supplies on this nifty shelf that holds keys 695 – 706
easy access to tools
other side of slat board unit – painting, drawing, beading supplies and a little red suitcase that held my doll’s clothes when I was three!











Resin Workstation – more room here under the window then previously on the wall by the computer
Numbered stickers for key photos
more supplies and some infinity box sculptures
Curtains hiding shelving/supplies
More storage (currently empty and waiting for some finished keys)
Standing Desk. Heart pincushions – one crocheted by my grandma and the other two made by my kids
Photo booth
the view from my desk

Thanks for stopping by! I’m going to enjoy the cleanliness for a night before I get back to my keys and screw up my courage to sort out the garage…





















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