Key Project

Lilies: Keys 1041 – 1050

The lilies have been blooming in my yard and I have (naturally) made some keys with them. I also added some snow on the mountain (there’s plenty of this, always) and some mint leaves in this latest set of ten keys ten ways.

Key 1041: pressed flower/leaves

Key 1041

Key 1042: print from smashed flower/leaves

Key 1042

Key 1043: smashed remains

Key 1043

Key 1044: print made with metallic paint on flowers/leaves

Key 1044

Key 1045: dried painted flowers/leaves in resin

Key 1045

Key 1046: negative paint print

Key 1046

Key 1047: clay impression

Key 1047

Key 1048: print made with ink on flowers/leaves

Key 1048

Key 1049: plaster casting highlighted with chalk

Key 1049

Key 1050: dried flowers/leaves in resin

Key 1050

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