Key Project

Creeping Bellflower: Keys 1062 – 1071

Creeping Bellflower

Creeping Bellflower grows freely in my neighbourhood along the sides of houses, in most of the back alleys, and this year it’s in my front yard.

I always thought these plants were bluebells until I heard something about them on the radio. So I googled “bluebell type flower in Saskatchewan” and came across a site about Canada’s Top Ten Most Invasive Horticultural Plants.

Creeping Bellflower is # 8 on this list and is regulated as a noxious weed in Alberta. I did a bit more googling and found another site referring to this as a Zombie plant (because it takes over and kills off all other plants).

I remember seeing this plant when I was little and thinking it was beautiful and magical. I still thought that until today’s googling. This plant was even the inspiration for this Ten Keys Ten Ways flower series – I’ve been thinking about these enticing flowers since last year and how they’d probably leave a nice plant juice stain…now after reading about how people leave them in their yard “because they look pretty” and later regret it I’ve decided that even though they are beautiful and magical to me – they are not so magical and beautiful that I want all my other plants to die!

Here are the keys I made last week, in a simpler time when I didn’t know about creeping bellflower and its zombie secret:

Key 1062 – pressed key:

Key 1062

Key 1063 – plant juice stain key:

Key 1063

Key 1064 – smashed key:

Key 1064

Key 1065 – paint print key:

Key 1065

Key 1066 – dried paint key:

Key 1066

Key 1067 – negative print key:

Key 1067

Key 1068 – clay impression key:

Key 1068

Key 1069 – alcohol ink print key:

Key 1069

Key 1070 – plaster cast key:

Key 1070

Key 1071 – dried key:

Key 1071

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some pretty weeding to do…


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