Snapdragons: Keys 1072 – 1081


I grew up in a prairie city in Canada. Our neighbourhood had just been developed when we moved in. This meant there were new (i.e. small, no canopy, pretty thin) trees and zero perennials for the first few years. Flowers consisted mostly of marigolds. I have a vivid memory of my neighbours planting snapdragons in the flowerbed next to their driveway. How exotic! and they could “snap” too!

Here is the seventh edition of keys from the Flower Series of Ten Keys Ten Ways:

Key 1072 – pressed

Key 1072








Key 1073 – plant juice print

Key 1073

Key 1074 – smashed

Key 1074











Key 1075 – paint print

Key 1075

Key 1076 – painted

Key 1076

Key 1077 – negative paint print

Key 1077

Key 1078 – clay impression

Key 1078

Key 1079 – ink print

Key 1079

Key 1080 – plaster cast

Key 1080

Key 1081 – dried and resin coated

Key 1081


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