Key Project

Pansies: Keys 1094- 1104

I wasn’t sure at first if the flowers in these keys were pansies or violas but a quick google search confirmed my pansy instincts. This is the ninth set of flowers in my latest 10 Keys 10 Ways Series. Along with the beautiful and delicate pansy I’ve used wild sage (thank you riverbank!), wolf will leaves, and some other purple plant from the riverbank that I don’t know the name of. I’ve actually made 11 keys in this set – I thought the inked plant bits looked nice so I resined them into a key.

Key 1094 – pressed:

Key 1094

Key 1095 – smashed plant print:

Key 1095

Key 1096 – smashed plant in resin:

Key 1096

Key 1097 – paint print:

Key 1097

Key 1098 – painted bits in resin:

Key 1098

Key 1099 – negative paint print:

Key 1099

Key 1100 – clay impression:

Key 1100

Key 1101 – alcohol ink print:

Key 1101

Key 1102 – inked bits in resin:

Key 1102

Key 1103 – plaster cast with chalk:

Key 1103

Key 1004 – dried plant in resin:

Key 1104


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