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Keys 1105 – 1111

Riding my bike is one of the great joys in my life. It’s one of the few places where I feel totally independent and confident. I’ve been thinking about drawing keys on my bike for months and months – I  even bought some metallic sharpies for this purpose. I’m not sure if I’ve had the sharpies since the spring or since last fall. Time seems to blur by now that my kids are grown and flown. 

I’m still working through my Flower Series of Ten Keys Ten Ways; I’ve paused that work as I near Key 1111. Whenever I see 1111 I think it’s magical – somehow a sign that all is well. According to some 1111 is a powerful number signaling a wake up call to follow your passion –  how fitting to have this reminder on my bike. 

I collect images of keys on Pinterest. Sometimes I look at those images for inspiration. Mostly I just make up keys as I go along.  I decided I’d better practice drawing keys before committing to the sharpie pens (I even checked off drawings I thought would translate well to my bike fender):

There is a line that I used to draw all the time. I mean all the time!!! Wouldn’t it be clever to incorporate that line that seems to flow out of me into key 1111 I thought? Yes, that would be clever I answered. Alas. It was not meant to be. The line no longer flowed and the more I tried to fix it the worse it got. The very good news is that nail polish remover took that metallic sharpie right off my bike frame. The Key 1111 I ended up with is actually my third attempt. An example of a favourite philosophy: don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. In the end it worked best when I abandoned my drawings, didn’t think too much or try to hard, and just drew “whatever”.

Here’s some pictures of the bike sharpie keys and my beautiful bike (yes those are little led lights on the frame that are on in some shots)

Key 1105


Key 1106


Key 1107


Key 1108


Key 1109


Key 1110


Key 1111



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