Key Project

Allium and Monkshood – Keys 1112 – 1122

The tenth set of keys in my Ten Keys Ten Ways Flower Series is made with allium and monkshood. Both of these plants grow in my yard; I planted the allium a few years ago and the monkshood has been here since we moved in – 26 years ago! I had no idea that allium was a member of the onion family until I got it in the house and started pressing and smashing it. If I’d thought about it at all I’d probably have noticed how similar it looked to the chives that also grow in our yard. For some reason I thought it was called sea serpent or some such name. A happy side effect of this flower series has been learning more about plants. Who knew that monkshood is also called wolfsbane? Apparently it doesn’t like to be moved – yet I’ve had a lot of success moving this plant and I’m not what you’d call a deft hand in the garden. I suppose after a quarter of a century a plant gets to be pretty hardy!

Key 1112 – pressed:

Key 1112

Key 1113 – smashed plant juice print:

Key 1113

Key 1114 – smashed plant in resin:

Key 1114

Key 1115 – metallic paint print:

Key 1115

Key 1116 – metallic painted plant bits in resin:

Key 1116

Key 1117 – negative paint print:

Key 1117

Key 1118 – clay impression with metallic paint:

Key 1118

Key 1119 – alcohol ink print:

Key 1119

Key 1120 (snuck this one in to make 11 in this set) – alcohol ink plant bits in resin:

Key 1120

Key 1121 – plaster cast with coloured chalk:

Key 1121

Key 1122 – dried plant in resin:

Key 1122




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