Key Project

Geranium Leaves, Sedum, and Manitoba Maple Tree Seeds – Keys 1123 – 1133

I had so much fun making the Ten Keys Ten Ways Flower Series that I made an eleventh set of keys! I really enjoyed learning about the flowers and plants I used in this series. I’d often see flowers when I closed my eyes at night – a great side effect!

For these keys I used geranium leaves, the centre stem of a beet leaf, Manitoba Maple Tree seeds, and a leaf and flower from a sedum plant that hangs next to my front door.

Key 1123 – pressed:

Key 1123

Key 1124 – smashed plant print:

Key 1124

Key 1125 – smashed plant in resin:

Key 1125

Key 1126 – metallic paint print:

Key 1126

Key 1127 – metallic painted plant bits:

Key 1127

Key 1128 – negative paint print:

Key 1128

Key 1129 – clay impression:

Key 1129

Key 1130 – alcohol ink print:

Key 1130

Key 1131 – alcohol ink covered plant bits:

Key 1131

Key 1132 – plaster cast:

Key 1132

Key 1133 – dried plant bits:

Key 1133




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