Morphing: Keys 1140 -1144

Slowly and surely metal bits are working their way back onto my workspace, mingling with the leftover plant bits from my recent keys, and morphing their way into new ones.

Key 1140 – made with dropped flower petals from the lovely bouquet my husband and I picked at Blackfox Farm & Distillery, part of a pinecone from a recent trip to Manitou Beach, and the centre stem from a beet leaf:

Key 1140

Key 1141 is made from fresh clover picked on a bike ride through Diefenbaker Park and the stem of an allium plant:

Key 1141

Key 1142 is made with clover, a washer from the road that is hidden behind the clover, an allium stem, an allium leaf, and a zipper pull that I found while riding my bike:

Key 1142

Key 1143 is made with mint leaves, wolf willow seeds, a puffy purple plant that grows on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River, an allium stem, a rhinestone and various I-was-once-jewelry pieces. This key also contains a brilliant pink flower that immediately collapsed under the resin, curled up, and turned green:

Key 1143

Key 1144 is made with a chain mail butterfly created by a dear friend, clover leaves, an allium stem, some flower petals from that Blackfox Distillery trip, a pink rhinestone, and a cool metal piece my husband found:

Key 1144




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