Key Project

Keys 1161 – 1164

The journey to 5000 keys continues…luckily for me I was recently gifted with a kitchen light fixture, jewelry from a clothing swap, and more finds from my husband! Here’s what I did with them:

Key 1161 is made from that upcycled light fixture, a bracelet, and some jewelry bits.

Key 1161 one side


Key 1161 other side

Key 1162 is mostly made from the clothing swap gifts: a heart necklace, a peace bracelet, more bracelets, a purple and silver clip on earring, a sparkly ring, and a terminal coated in white spray paint from my supply stash.

Key 1162 one side


Key 1162 other side

Key 1163 is made from a brass paper fastener, a fancy pearl broach, a curious squished piece of brass that my husband found (that was possibly some sort of plug), some pearly bits, some sparkly bits, and some leftover bits from Key 1162  (the other purple and silver earring and the silver links from the sparkly ring). I’m lucky to have been able to swap for so many nice jewelry bits!

Key 1163 one side


Key 1163 other side

Key 1164 is made from brass clock parts, another squished my-husband-found-this-thing-on-the-road, and a clothing swap butterfly pin and dangly earring.

Key 1164 one side


Key 1164 other side


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