Key Project

A Claque of Keys: 1173 – 1182

I thought I’d care a bit less about my appearance as I got older but that’s not the case. Some days my lamentations about my looks are worse than ever. If only I had the energy to really diet (again!). If only I had a predilection for intensive exercise. If only I was born not who I am…

My husband loves to watch sports. “Gee”, I think, “those female sports announcers are all so beautiful.” If only I looked like them…

But after a few visits by the TV when the sports are on I notice that the female announcers all look the same. This is especially obvious when two or more are on the screen. The colouring may be different (hair, eyes, skin tone, clothes, etc.) but everything else seems pretty much identical. Kind of boring really.

I thought I should maybe make 1000 identical clone keys as some sort of commentary on how women are cranking themselves out of a mythical Photoshopped ideal. It could be a type of meditation for me where I learn to accept myself as I am and transcend my vanity… Also, I have a lot of supplies (like – a lot* – enough to make 20,000 keys really and possibly 50,000 depending on which materials I use).  How hard could those 1000 keys be to make anyway? I could production line the work, boost my key numbers substantially, and put a dent in all those supplies I bought at Rose’s Auction. But 1000 mostly identical keys? Boring. Really boring. I have more ideas than that.

So here is a little claque of ten keys. They are consciously, mostly, the same, but also consciously, slightly, different. Key 1181 has the most “stuff” so I’m guessing she’s the queen.

And no, this little key section didn’t make me stop wishing I looked better. But it did make me appreciate just how much more I’m drawn to the unique and “different” keys; especially the ones that have the most beat up and unlikely pieces combined into a key.

Here’s that clique:

Key 1173


Key 1174


Key 1175


Key 1176


Key 1177


Key 1178


Key 1179


Key 1180


Key 1181


Key 1182


*And here’s a collaged photo of my supplies:

2 thoughts on “A Claque of Keys: 1173 – 1182

  1. There is so much wisdom in your posts and your keys. I often wish I could hold one and put it in my head and that it would unlock the nugget of insight and wisdom that it represents. Unfortunately I must use the very imperfect tool of my memory to try to remember the meaning of each key. Thank you for being brave enough to share your thoughts with us. It is a gift.


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