Key Project

Gum Paste! Keys 1237 – 1248

While shopping for cookie -key making supplies I bought a bag of gum paste, two molds, and four bottles of decorating dust. I’d read about gum paste when I was younger but never tried to make anything with it. It was so much fun! The gum paste was very easy to use. This sugar product is edible and is typically used on cakes. Not sure what I’ll do with these keys – I think it would be weird to just eat them and there’s so much Christmas baking in the house that another cake is not a good idea.

I still have half a bag of gum paste left and now that I’m on a bit of a holiday from work and, more importantly, all the baking is done – I’m looking forward to making more keys!!

Key 1237


Key 1238
Key 1239


Key 1240


Key 1241


Key 1242


Key 1243


Key 1244


Key 1245


Key 1246


Key 1247


Key 1248

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