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Key 1250 and a Double or Nothing Resolution

Every year for many years my husband and I make a wish list for the start of the New Year. The list has changed from being mostly about stuff and survival to being more about being and creating.

It’s been surprising the amount of things on past lists that have come to pass. I’m thinking that possibly even my weight loss goals have been realized (if I only count the loss portion of those monthly 2 – 3 pound fluctuations the loss part is pretty significant).

Lat year I wrote that I wanted to make over 1000 keys in 2017; which technically I have done as I’m well into the 1200’s…now I want to make stronger progress: I want to have reached more than 2500 keys made by the end of 2018. Shortly after making this declaration I realized I had just completed Key 1250. 2500 is exactly double 1250. Curious how neatly that adds up. Perhaps part of me knew that when writing my 2018 wishes. I’m not going to spend time thinking about how it’s taken almost 3 years to do make those first 1250…Curious the things that pop into my head. Like the phrase “double or nothing”. I’m not entirely sure how that bet works but it seems the appropriate comment at the moment.

What the hell – double or nothing! My 2018 resolution.

Here’s that Key 1250 (not quite perfect as the jewels are slightly off centre despite my best efforts; perhaps that just makes it more interesting? Very ‘The Crown’ was a comment on my Facebook post – curious as I just finished watching season two when I made this – interesting to think about what influences what in our lives.):

Key 1250 one side


Key 1250 other side

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