Key Project

Keys 1251 – 1255

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I clean off my worktable – it magically restocks itself with a variety of bits and pieces. Lucky for me there were lots of “just right” bits lying around when I made these keys.

I don’t remember where all the “gold” earrings came from but I seemed to have a pack of them – perhaps a gift I don’t remember? or more goodies from the clothing swap in the fall? Also in the mix was a charm bracelet of famous structures like the Arc de Triomphe and the NotreDame Cathedral. I found the rusty earrings in Key 1252 scattered across a Costco parking lot.

I decided to fill in some of the sections of these keys with resin. I placed the keys on a plastic sheet (the resin doesn’t stick to that) and then used a heat gun on the poured resin to try and get the bubbles out.  Alas, this didn’t work and, of course, melted the plastic sheet – hence the ripply look in the first two keys.

Usually I glue all the bits of the keys together with gel medium and let it dry before applying the resin. For Key 1255 I free formed everything and then added the resin. Such fun! Sadly I didn’t notice until after the resin had set that one of the carefully placed rhinestones had flipped over. In the end I think it’s an improvement as the gold on the back of the stone is more visible under the resin than the front would have been. I am coming to the end of my resin bottles so these keys are somewhat cloudy – motivation to not wait so long between making keys with resin!

Key 1251


Key 1252
Key 1253


Key 1254


Key 1255

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