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The Netflix Effect: Keys 1256 – 1259

I posted a picture of Key 1250 and received the comment “very ‘The Crown’“. This happened at the same time as I was watching “The Crown” on Netflix…Coincidence…

I’m beginning to think not because after finishing season 2 I noticed that all the keys I made while watching HRH were a bit more classical and formal than my usual found object keys.

Next I became engrossed in Peaky Blinders and suddenly found myself making gritty, industrial keys. I attribute the more refined and polished Key 1259 to Thomas Shelby‘s increasingly lush surroundings as the seasons rolled by. I’m planning on watching Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency next, so really, anything could happen!


Key 1256 one side


Key 1256 other side


Key 1257 one side


Key 1257 other side


Key 1258 one side


Key 1258 other side


1259 one side


Key 1259 other side

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