Key Project

Rusty Bits: Keys 1260 – 1266

The summer I started this 5000 Key project I went to an estate sale and picked up a beat up old tool box and two big bins of metal bits that had been left to rust. The person selling the items was unhappy that so many items had been ruined by sitting in water. I, however, was very happy with these relics and marveled at my good fortune to find such treasure at almost no cost to me.

I cleaned up the tool box and painted it a bright blue with some leftover spray paint:

I filled it with some rusty bits (well, there were more but I took a bunch out to make these keys…):









And two and a half years later set about making keys – finally satisfying some of those plans I’ve been making!

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Key 1260 one side


Key 1260 other side


Key 1261 one side


Key1261 other side


Key 1262 one side


Key 1262 other side


Key 1263 one side


Key 1263 other side


Key 1264 one side


Key 1264 other side


Key 1265 one side


Key 1265 other side


Key 1266 one side


Key 1266 other side

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