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Kind of Knowing isn’t the Same as Actually Knowing

So far I’ve unofficially made around 1300 keys. I’m not even half way to 5000 but 1300 is still a lot. Like, A LOT!

I kind of know where all the keys are and I mostly have an up-to-date inventory. But I only kind of know and I think it will be better to really know. Along with updating my inventory list I’m also making note of:

  • what box or display case the keys are in, and
  • where in the house those boxes and display cases are located.

It”s a bit of a daunting task – made even larger because I’m taking new (and hopefully better) photos of the keys I do have. Perhaps one day I’ll pop them all up somewhere.

And in case you’re wondering where I’m storing the keys…everywhere… I’m storing them everywhere…in the living room, on the walls, under the bed, in boxes, and more boxes, on top of boxes, in drawers, and more drawers, on trays, on tables, and even on the dining room table while I sort this all out…here are some pictures:


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