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Somewhat Abstract Natural-Dyed Easter Eggs: Keys 1286 – 1297

I saw this cool YouTube video on Facebook about natural dyed Easter eggs so of course I had to try it!

I (mostly) followed the instructions on the video. First I bought some flowers, onions, and purple cabbage at the grocery store. I peeled off the onion skins, cut up the cabbage, and filled two big pots with the “dye” ingredients.

To make the “key” images I used flowers, parsley, mint, blackberries, and even some asparagus tips. I found it easiest to cut the nylons into flat squares rather than “sleeves”. Initially I held everything in my hand when wrapping the nylon around the egg and plants; eventually I found it easiest to hold one side of the nylon tight between my hip and the counter edge and them pull it taught before wrapping the egg.

It was entirely enjoyable to work with bits of plant – especially as we are having sixth winter here in Saskatchewan and the need for spring is strong. Once the nylon was tightly tied around the egg I manipulated the plants into their “key” positions. Here’s a picture of the eggs ready to be dyed:


I added water and some vinegar to the dye pots, added the eggs, boiled everything for ten or fifteen minutes, let it cool down, and then placed the pots in the porch to refrigerate (did I mention that it’s still cold here even though Easter occurs in spring?).

Later in the day I took the eggs out of the the dye pots and let them dry off a bit before the big reveal.

I drew on the dyed eggs with a fine-tipped sharpie to define things a bit more (plus I’ve always had a bit of an addiction to outlining gradations in colour so it was nice to sate that). Some of the egg-dyed keys look more key-like than others – but it’s all going to count! Here are those dozen keys:


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