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Remembering the other side of Key 677


For the past few weeks I’ve been re-documenting the ~1300 keys I’ve made so far (i.e. taking new pictures) and updating my inventory to include the location of those keys. This has been a very large – and at times daunting – task. But better to do this now then a thousand keys from now…I’m very happy that my photos have improved and that I discovered some apps to help me with that improvement (VSCO for the film quality/clarity/borders and Rhonna Designs for formatting/filter/text). I’m also realizing that I have at least one box – or maybe two – of keys somewhere…somewhere…but I don’t know where. I’m hoping they will turn up soon but my house isn’t very big so it’s rather confusing and somewhat concerning that I can’t find them.

It’s been really enjoyable to re-visit the keys. Some I’d forgotten about. And for many I’ve gone – hey, this is pretty good! I don’t often acknowledge my accomplishments so it is a bit weird for me to do so.

I decided to write this remembrance around Key 677. I really like this key. It’s very key-like, is made up of many unrelated parts, and yet somehow all works together. There are two little glass bits in the centre on the other side of this key. My husband pulled them out of the gutter for me on Father’s Day 2016 a block or so off Broadway Avenue in Saskatoon. We were going out for supper as a family. There was some personal strife going on between me and one of my kids (a, thankfully, rare situation). To me those glass bits really glow. I’ve mostly forgotten about the difficult parts of that time. Funny how life moves along and how something broken can be made into something magical.

I’ve decided to keep this key out on display, maybe I need a reminder that hard times aren’t forever, maybe it means more because my husband rescued that glass just like he saves me with his love over and over, maybe I just like the way the key looks.


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