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Sterling – Key 1424

One day in April the sun was so warm I took my coat off in my car and rejoiced that it might, finally, be “not winter” as I drove to a meeting on a street where I knew there had been many vehicle break-ins. I left my coat and my lunch kit on the front seat (a thing I never do anywhere) and headed inside thinking “aw it’s just a coat and a lunch kit – who’d break a window for that?”. Part way through the meeting I ended up going out to the car and putting all my stuff in the trunk. I did this because a guy across the hall from the meeting – Sterling – had his truck window smashed. He’d also taken his coat off and left it on the seat because the sun was truly warm and the whole city was celebrating the fact that it was “not winter”. He was so calm when he asked if we’d seen or heard anything; he’d left his wallet in his coat…whoever broke in didn’t take the coat – just the wallet. I don’t know if Sterling ever found his wallet (he went to look for it because apparently most of the recent thieving involved cash thefts and not ID or even credit card thefts). And while loosing cash isn’t fun I think it’s the replacement of the window and the ID and cards that’s the real pain. And if the thief were sophisticated enough to sell someone’s identity then that would be a serious problem. But I’m guessing that the petty-crimer had no sophistication and not much else to lose because why else break a window and steal in broad daylight on a street with lots of people walking by?

Of course I picked up some of the truck window glass on my way out and made a key…this one’s for you Sterling – I admire your composure, and, most of all, your compassion for whoever broke your window and stole your wallet.

Key 1424 is made almost entirely of road finds: smashed truck window glass, old earrings, a drill bit, circularly bent wire that I don’t know it was originally for, and brass and silver bits from a leather bracelet that I found on the corner of McPherson and 8th Street.

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